Rachel Mulherin, Baltimore’s Best Jewelry Designer

Is wearing your favorite jewelry designer’s earrings when you meet her the equivalent of wearing your favorite band’s shirt when you get to meet them backstage at a concert (read: it’s lame)? Probably. But guess what, I did it.

I’ve been following Baltimore-based jewelry designer Rachel Mulherin for the past two years after seeing a pair of her earrings in the Washington D.C. magazine, the Washingtonian. I’m not someone who buys things on impulse, but after reading about her and her business, I knew I wanted to support this girl. She’s a self-made success story, building her growing business all from her living room.

My first pair of Rachel Mulherin earrings

Her statement earrings, necklaces, and bracelets have been featured in many magazines and Beyonce and Lady Gaga have requested to wear her jewelry. This past September Rachel fulfilled a childhood dream by participating in NYFW where many of her earrings were featured on the runway.

You might think with all this success that she would be hard to get a hold of, but that’s the thing about Rachel (maybe my favorite thing about Rachel), she’s totally accessible. Despite having over 50,000 instagram followers, juggling her busy schedule of events, and maintaining her other projects, Rachel has always responded to my messages. She goes above and beyond to stay in touch with her followers.

This holiday season, Rachel has had several events in the Baltimore area and luckily I was able to make it to one this past week. I finally got to meet her and talk to her in person and you know what? She knew exactly who I was. She remembered my name and she even offered to meet me for coffee after Christmas so that I could pick her brain some more. She is connected to her audience and I really like that. We talked about her expanding brand, her connection with her followers, and her future goals. I truly support people who go after what they want, and let me tell you, Rachel has a very clear vision of what she wants. She is very driven and obviously a hard worker.

If you’re looking for a perfect gift for someone special (or yourself) this holiday season, check out her stuff. Her one-of-a-kind statement pieces are beautiful and well worth investing in. I have just one pair of her earrings right now but I definitely have my eyes on another pair that I hope to get soon. And here’s a perk, there’s currently a deal for 20% off during the holidays! So go ahead, treat yo’ self!

Links below for her website and instagram. Check them out!

Website: https://rachelmulherin.com

Instagram:Β Rachel Mulherin


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24 thoughts on “Rachel Mulherin, Baltimore’s Best Jewelry Designer

  1. These jewelry pieces are artwork! Beautiful, simply beautiful. And you did a nice post BTW. In response to Quercus Community, I would say: You’re funny! πŸ˜€ As pretty as Rachel Mulherin’s earrings are I also don’t think you should be wearing them anytime soon, but these earrings would most certainly please any special lady in your life!

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    1. Hahah. You are so right. Come to think of it, if I’m wearing them somewhere and there’s an awkward lull in the my convo, I usually do bring them up πŸ˜‚.


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