Unique Restaurants in Baltimore

While there are plenty of interesting and unique restaurants and cafes in and around Baltimore, today I picked just three to write about. Maybe I’ll do a follow-up post once I find some more places that pique my interest but I think I found some good ones to start with.

First up is the Papermoon Diner. This quirky restaurant is located in Remington and not hard to spot at all when you’re driving by. There are many neon colored mannequins placed around the building, a turquoise and pink bull, and dismembered arms and legs hanging from flower racks.

If you can peel your eyes from everything going on outside the buidling, the real treat will begin when your step inside. I have been here three times and aside from the wild decor, the food is really really good. Their prices are comparable to any other diner, but the difference is the sensory explosion you’ll get while you’re eating.

While I’ve been here for breakfast, dinner, and a late night snack, my favorite thing I’ve had here is the Peanut Butter Madness milkshake (which I split with my friend). They have a nice breakfast menu, too, which is perfect for me because breakfast is my favorite meal and I could eat it all day.

The next place I’m going to talk about is pretty new to Baltimore, Charm Kitty Cafe, which is located near Hampden.

I was curious to see what this place was all about because I’ve heard of other cafes like this opening in D.C. and Annapolis and obviously it’s a very unique idea.

My friend and I made our reservations online for a Sunday afternoon ($12.00 for one hour) and signed a waiver. There were about ten people alltogether for the hour we were there and seven cats. (I can’t remember what they said the capacity for visitors is per hour and what the cat to person ratio limit is). It was an interesting environment to take in. All the cats here are available for adoption and there were cards on the wall with pictures of each cat and a little about their personality.

Granted, we were there at 2 o’clock and maybe it was nap time for the cats, but four of the seven didn’t move until we were ready to leave and two of the others kept trying to run away whenever they were approached. I don’t know much about cats but they seem like the type of animals that don’t want to be bothered, until they do, so maybe they just weren’t in a social mood while we were there. I know this place holds events so I’m sure the environment is a little different when there’s something going on. They do have cat-themed board games and card games available to use so my friend and I played a game for a while.

All in all it was an interesting experience and if the cats get adopted then it’s all worth it. I would just suggest going during a yoga event, movie night, or game night, which I have seen them advertise.

The third place I’m going to write about is a small Asian fusion restaurant in Fells Point named Ekiben. Travel & Leisure just named it the top sandwich place in Maryland soooo you already know it’s gonna be good. The restaurant itself is pretty small, with seating limited to about ten people, and there can be a bit of a wait at times but boy oh boy is it worth it.

My friend and I stumbled in here one afternoon after leaving a wine tasting festival and were lucky enough to find some empty seats. Per the staff, it was suggested I get their best seller, which is The Neighborhood Bird (Taiwanese curry fried chicken thigh topped with spicy sambal mayo, pickled cucumbers), and my friend got The Big Kim (spicy pork shoulder, tomato salad, and mango papaya slaw), both served on steamed buns (you can get a bowl or a bun). We shared a side of their Tempura Broccoli (also suggested by the staff) and we were not left dissapointed, or hungry. The portions were huge and I was happy to bring my leftovers home and snack on them throughout the next day. I highly suggest this place! The steamed buns alone…

Like I said, there are probably a lot more unique and interesting restaurants and cafes in Baltimore that I don’t know about, these were just a few that caught my eye. I’d be interested in hearing any suggestions for more cool places in Baltimore, or wherever you live!

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